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Angus Meats, Inc. is an independently owned and operated wholesale meat purveyor located in the beautiful seasonal city of Spokane in Washington State, USA. As a purveyor (unlike a distributor), we manufacture and process a wide variety of food items to the individual specifications and needs of our customers – what you want, how you want it, and when you need it – fresh or frozen – with consistency time after time.

Creative innovation is our focus: Custom cutting, custom processing, and custom packaging of Bird, Beast, Field, and Water – from domesticated farm-raised, to the wild of the fields, from the deep blue fresh and saltwater fish, to the hard-shell crustaceans, as well as new and even unusual items. Can’t find a whole pig from head to tail for an authentic luau roast? Looking for those special kosher items? Want to feature something special on the menu, like buffalo or ostrich meat? We can help, and even provide sensational recipe ideas from our in-house Corporate Chef with all the necessary product information to educate your staff.

We are creating all of the time. In addition to our mouthwatering variety of steaks, roasts, and juicy ground products, we offer new and exciting full-flavored items with specialty-spiced blends and marinating sauces you won’t experience anywhere else. If we don’t have it, then we’ll get it. If we don’t already make it, then we’ll create it. It’s that simple. You can design and realize your own culinary creations to fashion your menu just the way you want it.

As a USDA inspected plant, we work closely with the federal government to adhere and surpass quality and sanitation standards. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction with a dedicated work ethic of integrity, honesty, and consistency with the highest quality products available.

Our mission is to be “Partner’s in Quality:”
  Quality Assurance – A Safe and Sanitary Manufacturing Facility
Quality Service – Consistency, Information, and Assistance
Quality Producers – Trustworthy Leaders in Products, Innovation, and Ideas

At Angus Meats, Inc. we are a personalized professional business. Our company philosophy is clear and simple: “There is No Substitute for Quality.”

Put Quality on Your plate!

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